2020 Tax time is upon us already! We cannot believe it! Thank you for your patience as we made our way through January.
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2020 Tax time is upon us already!  We cannot believe it!  Thank you for your patience as we made our way through January.
As Yield clients, you should now have up to date, accurate company financial statements through 2020 unless you are still actively working with your managers to get them done. The 1099s went out on time and now we are in full support mode with your CPA’s and your tax return in addition to keeping up your books throughout the year.

Here at Yield, we work directly with CPA’s every day to help with questions on our clients business tax returns.  If you would like us to work with YOUR CPA directly, please let your account manager know so you can save yourself some time.

If you do not have a tax preparer, look a bit further down in this newsletter and you will see a GREAT offer from one of our CPA partners, Karen Mason.  She is offering a  20% discount for her tax preparation services for any Yield client! We also have many other CPA partners in the area.  Let us know if you would like a referral!

It has been a brutal year but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.  Stay positive, keep pivoting and before you know it we will all be able to meet in person again and share a drink or two.  Keep wearing your masks!

Happy Valentines Day!  YIELD <3’s OUR CLIENTS!

- Rochelle Dallons, Owner and CEO of Yield Bookkeeping Services
2021 Tax Calendar
This is a great site for all of the Federal due dates and you can look them up by month, by taxpayer type and by state.

>> View the full calendar here.
YIELD Client Benefit Offer
Sharon Brown and her mom are a dynamic mother-daughter duo who protect our employees with LegalShield and IDShield. !!

Their membership offers unlimited legal consultations, free wills, advance medical directives, and  24/7 Emergency legal access from your cell phone to an entire law firm.
I know you'll appreciate this protection and there are even plans available for our small businesses and employees.  In fact, a group also receives a healthy 20% discount. 
Call Sharon at 703-615-1220 or Nett 703-963-8633 to ask for details and if you decide to purchase a membership they're offering a gift to our clients.  Just make sure you tell them you heard about them from Yield Bookkeeping for a chance to get a $25 eGift Card to Amazon!

>> Read their Business Plan Brochure here.
>> View their offer for clients of YIELD Bookkeeping here.
Small Business Owners Roundtable Events
Are you a Small Business Owner? Would you like to collaborate and engage with a community of other business owners?

These Roundtable events have been created with the Small Business Owner’s needs in mind. Each month we will process issues to allow for growth.

Our next event will be February 18th, 2021!!
I  would like all of you that are business owners to consider joining our Small Business owners Roundtable group. We meet online via Zoom once a month on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 4-5 pm. 
Special Offer From The Approachable Accountant
One of our CPA partners, Karen Mason - the Approachable Accountant is offering 20% off her tax prep services for any client of YIELD Bookkeeping!!

>> Schedule a discovery call here.
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